Membership Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of your Cleaves Law Library membership
– are you using us enough? Should you become a member?

* Free, unlimited high-speed access to Westlaw on four computers, as well as Lexis access
* 80+ hardcopy treatises in 50 topic areas and the USCA, CFR and the New England states statutes in hardcopy
* Liberal borrowing privileges * Fast faxed, emailed or mailed document delivery and cite checking
* Training for new legal resource technologies
* Free Maine state legislative histories
* Law Court briefs delivered to your desk top
* Fast delivery of hard-to-find titles and medical articles
* Expert reference assistance
* Reduced service and copy fees

Dear Practitioner:

Cleaves is a new millennium library. Over 95% of our collection is online.

This means superior service to you. Here's how our technology enhanced resources make your job easier by giving excellent value for your legal research dollar:

Save money: we purchase expensive online databases and treatises that you need occasionally, but don't use enough to purchase yourself. We offer predicable pricing (just your yearly membership) and don't charge extra for anything we email.

Save time: we retrieve documents or do queries and send the results. You don't have to leave your office (it's like having your own in-house, full service library). Drowning in a sea of case law? Need to focus your research fast? There's nothing better than a treatise. We email the table of contents or do searches and send sections or entire chapters. Need a Maine Legislative history? We have hundreds of complete histories and can do your next one for you. Need a form? We've got those, too. Copy of a Law Court brief? No problem.

Cover your back: Are you using Casemaker or even Google Scholar for your research? We have Lexis and Westlaw. Make sure you're finding everything to make your case (with full citations and Shepard's reports, too). Do you have Lexis but prefer the West Key Number system? We run key searches and send the results. Do you use Westlaw and your opposing counsel is tossing Lexis cases at you. We will send you those missing cases or do the same searches in Lexis. Your results will be different! (Did you know that Lexis has thousands more Maine Superior Court decisions than Westlaw? What are you missing?) Don't feel proficient using online resources? We'll teach you. Cleaves helps you work better, faster and cheaper.


and did you know ....

* Cleaves was the first law library in the country to offer free, unlimited, public access to Lexis and Westlaw.

* Cleaves has the second largest collection of Maine legislative history documents in the state after the State Law Library in Augusta. We also have hundreds of completed histories on file. Next time you need a legislative history, ask us -- we can do it for you!

* When you can’t make it to the library, Cleaves will email documents and Shepardize results at no cost to members.

* Cleaves offers a “Legal Information Update” membership email service to inform you of important rules and fee changes and other information vital to your law practice (remember to add to your acceptable spam list!)

* Cleaves has the largest collection of archived law court briefs and appendices in the state. We can delivery these to you in print or email. Ask for details.

* Cleaves has the single largest collection of photographs of Maine judges, lawyers and legal scenes. Our index will be posted on our website soon!

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